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Who Uses Ringback Tones?
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Ringback tones are one of the fastes growing cell phone trends today. But why are they so popular and who is it that is it that finds this feature a must have? The answers may surprise you. Do you always want to be a part of the next great thing? Are you known as a trend setter? Do you love to browse the internet looking for a unique way to let others know what on your mind? Are you tired of having a cell phone ringback that is just a dull ringing sound? Then Andres Guardado Mexico Jersey , you are just the kind of person that the fastest growing cell phone customization feature was designed for. This mobile phone customization feature is the ringback tone.

The largest demographic in ringback tones usage is teenagers, but according to statistics, ringback tones are being used by members of every age group. Matter of fact Alfredo Talavera Mexico Jersey , research by Juniper research found that in 2005 there were approximately 60 million people using ringback tones as well as ringtones. In 2009, that number is believed to have increased to almost 300 million. It is also believed that by 2010 ringback tones will be the largest revenue source for mobile entertainment.

It should be pointed out that ringback tones and ringtones are not interchangeable terms. A ringback tone is the sound heard by the caller while waiting for their call to be answered-it replaces the traditional ring-ring sound; a ringtone is the sound heard by others when a phone call is received. Ringback tones allow a cell phone owner to customize their phone through music, movie clips Alejandro Palacios Mexico Jersey , and celebrity welcomes or comedic routines. You can download the ringback tones from an assortment of websites or even create your own ringback tones and personal greetings.

One the latest features in using ringback tones is that of the Verizon Wireless Business Ringback tones. This allows organizations and businesses to replace the ringing sound heard by callers with a customized message. They can give information about the company鈥檚 products, services or promotions. They feature allows for 30 second tones that can be rotated to feature up to 5 different productsmessages making it easy to advertise something new each time the number is called. The basic monthly cost is $1.99 per month per line; however, the initial one-time set up fee begins at $299 per tone. Background music Adrian Aldrete Mexico Jersey , script re-writes, audio re-recording and other business ringback tone features vary in price. It is also possible for businesses to create their own completed track at reduced rate.

Ringback tones use has progressed slowly but surely in the United States. From its humble beginnings of only being offered in select regions and specific phones to being used nationwide and on virtually every phone network, ringback tones have arrived. Contact your cell phone provider or go online to see how you Yasser Corona Mexico Jersey , too, can customize your cell phone with ringback tones that let others know what on your mind.
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