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Taylormade R11 Driver: Stands Out on and off the Course Sports Articles | March 12 Sean Mannion Camo Jersey , 2011
There is a lot of buzz in the golfing world regarding the popular and highly touted Taylormade R11 driver. There are two different types of shafts available, a standard and tour preferred (TP) model...

There is a lot of buzz in the golfing world regarding the popular and highly touted Taylormade R11 driver. There are two different types of shafts available, a standard and tour preferred (TP) model. The head on both will be the same.

According to the Taylormade R11 press release, the standard R11 measures 45.75 inches and has a Fujikura Blur 60-gram shaft, which features a medium-firm tip profile. As is typical for a Fujikura Blur shaft, it is composed of a large weave material in the outer diameters to provide more stability at impact with a golf ball. Therefore Josh Kline Camo Jersey , golfers are allowed further confidence in achieving both distance as well as control of the drive. The feel for golfers should be very solid as well as more comfortably forgiving than shafts composed of firmer material. The TP driver has a premium shaft. The TP shaft list is offers shafts with different weights; torques, flexes, and bend profiles, to custom fit all different types of golfers. A few of the shaft options include: Aldila RIP Gamma 60gm, Matrix HD6, HD7 Dru Samia Camo Jersey , Mitsubishi Diamana Kai?li 60gm, 70gm, 80gm, Mitsubishi Fubuki 63g, 73gm, and Rifle Project X.

Being part of the Taylormade R11 series Alexander Mattison Camo Jersey , the R11 driver head harnesses three dimensions to give golfers both accuracy and distance. And, like all R11 models, the top in golfing technology and engineering are used to help achieve a perfect game. Flight Control Technology allows the increase or decrease of launch angle, adjustable sole plate technology allows for an open, closed or neutral face angle; and movable weight technology adjusts the face angle to promote a fade or draw by shifting the centre of gravity. The 48 different combinations of these features allows for 100 yards of side-to-side trajectory change and 1,000 RPM backspin change. Both force as well as distance will be key advantages of these features.

Yet beyond the technology Irv Smith Jr Camo Jersey , what a lot of golfers are discussing is the appearance of the head of the aerodynamic R11 driver. The entire line of Taylormade 2011 metal woods will look similar - they will all be white. Golfers will definitely stand out at the club with this white and black driver. With a white crown and black clubface, many are surprised by its innovative look. The white colour is meant to make the club appear larger than it really is, enabling golfers to judge better for aim. White also is a great contrast to the green turf of the course on darker days to allow for better accuracy, and the colour is also no glare for those sunny days on the course. The black clubface enables golfers to use the driver to align their shots.

"Do it!", "Do it now!", or "Do it because..."

Which of these commands is most likely to get the response you want?

If you picked the third Garrett Bradbury Camo Jersey , the one that includes 'because', you'd be right. Of course, if you're a parent, aunt, or uncle you may know that already.

The idea behind 'because...' is to provide an explanation or rationalization for the request you're making. In other words, the command or request is not just an arbitrary exercise of power on your part -- it's a reasoned request or command.

In a broader sense Dalvin Cook Camo Jersey , 'because' provides context, which we've often discussed in this newsletter. Context provides a framework for specific communication. For example, "Please review this contract before we mail it out, because a mistake could cost us thousands of dollars."

A number of Internet entrepreneurs report they've tested the use of 'because' in their advertising copy and found it worked. I've used it myself on the home page of Abbott's Communication Letter where visitors are invited to subscribe.

I haven't tested to see whether or not it makes a difference. But I do know it helps in the copy writing process.

It helps because it pushes me to make a connection between an action and a consequence of that action. For example, "Wear a helmet when you ride your bike, because it will help you avoid head injuries if you fall." In this case Mike Hughes Camo Jersey , wearing a helmet is the action; avoiding a head injury is the consequence.

One more thought: the word 'because' does not always have to be explicit. It can be implicit or implied, as in "Wear a helmet when you ride your bike, so you won't injure your head if you fall."

Let's consider a few more examples, from various functional perspectives.

Suppose you're a librarian and you want to encourage patrons to expand their reading horizons. So, you post a sign in the Historical Fiction area that reads something like this: "The story here is only half the story. Visit the History shelves, too Kirk Cousins Camo Jersey , and enrich the stories you find here."

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