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A Quick and Easy To Understand Guide to Treating Elbow Tendinopathy Health Articles | October 5 Cheap Darnell Nurse Hoodie , 2016

Common Causes of Elbow Tendinopathy

Elbow tendinopathy is caused by repetitive use of the muscles that control the wrist, hand and fingers which extend up the forearm Cheap Ryan Strome Hoodie , resulting in small tears in the tendon.

Causes include:

• Excessive gripping activities

Pain may recede once you have rested. As the condition gets worse, pain can spread down the arm and the elbow will be tender when touched. Pain may be worse after sleeping.

In more severe cases Cheap Kris Russell Hoodie , even the most minimal movements such a turning a key or picking up a plate will be painful. Pain may also be present in the neck.


In mild cases, elbow tendinopathy can be treated by simply resting the arm. It is recommended that you abstain from whatever was causing the strain. Most cases of the condition can be treated successfully without surgery.

Your hand therapist will provide you with eduction regarding pain management and advice as to whether there is a place for orthotic devices such as an elbow or wrist brace. Additionally, they will provide joint mobilisations Cheap Wayne Gretzky Hoodie , neural glides and specific strengthening exercises to help alleviate symptoms and speed your return to function.

Surgical Treatment

Surgical treatment may be required in extreme cases. Your therapist can discuss with you and your GP and arrange a referral to a surgeon if required.

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