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He coughed 1 and said:"The Yan flies, you finally came back.I never kill a woman, so return your woman to you.Just you killed the important member of our household, so you came back to also at last bit the hook this time, your dead settled."
The Yan flies to love six condition of the injuries on the face of Ping Ping, facial expression some become cold, however he hasn't come yet and talk, flank that black dress ninja Be suddenly cold to hum 1, say:"The Yan flies, you also killed our household two members, so we necessarily kill you today, you are robbing this time difficult escape."
The Yan flies just from the sky but decline, https://www.giantsonlinefans.com look domineering and matchless, but after he received to take back six ping pings in noodles hand from the black dress, but the vehemence on his body significantly weakened.So the black dress receives noodles the person and black dress ninjas all feel that the Yan flies emanative terrible motion just because he is from the sky and the reason for declining, the Yan flew to take back six ping pings to also just beat them a caught unprepared, the Yan fly of the real strenght isn't strong.They all feel that they can deal with Yan to fly, so just wildly talks.
The Yan flew to turn head to see one eye, this black dress ninja and said:"The dress that sees you, with the accent and habit that you talk, you should be the insularity person of east?Did I when give offense to your household and also want me to die?"
The black dress ninja withdraws previous remark to say in Japanese right away:"The Yan flies, you whether once killed the mountain of our household originally ten soldier Weis, there is also a younger generation that comes to China experience and training together with him?"
The Yan flies thought of oneself to once make use of right away unmanned machine at evil all the wharf kill of the insularity superior who will endure Shu.He has some oddness, he kills people of time don't peep out any flaw, why this mountain this of the person still will find out his head top?
The Yan at this time flies already not is care these so-called big households very much of threaten, also not wish excessive thinking oneself why will expose an identity.However he also can't silly get calm acknowledgement to kill people by himself/herself, sees he want to think, a face hard says:"Execuse me, I kill of the animal have a lot, don't know which what you said is."
The black dress ninja is great anger, https://www.giantsonlinefans.com/bruins-bobby-orr-jersey will suddenly and violently walk, however right away drive the black dress receive noodles person live, the black dress receives noodles' person to fly to say to the Yan:"The Yan flies, whether you once killed two people, one was called Xiao empty, a is Xiao dragon?"
The Yan flies to say with smile:"I just had been already said, I killed a lot of animals, didn't know in have those 2 that you say?"
Black dress' receiving noodles person is strong to endure exasperation, says:"The Yan flies, you have from the Xiao with bare hands in have ever rent away a black ball?"
The Yan flies to certainly know that black ball, that black ball is lying in own in general use space now, and the mysterious energy some times in the black ball once saved his life in the urgent time.See to the person of Xiao house also know the importance of this thing, finally come to look for now.However he still keeps shaking head and says:"The Xiao that I don't know that you say is empty and Xiao dragon is who, so I didn't kill them, don't know as well what black ball.I kill animal, unless the Xiao of your household is empty and the Xiao dragon is an animal."
Black dress' receiving noodles person is great anger, says:"The Yan flies, you humiliate our household, you this is seeking dead."
The Yan flies to looking at the bosom is disfigured of six Ping pings, cut up rough in the heart, tone more and more of apathy, say:"Ever since you intrude into a dreamlike mansion and contuse my person, your end only a dead end.I completely didn't humiliate the meaning of your household, what I humiliated was you."
Black dress' receiving noodles person Nu is the most anti- to smile, says:"The Yan flies, you think that you are an absolute being class superior, have already been getting more without equal in strength?Still want to kill us?You only and by coincidence once killed an inborn highest point of gold night Ming just, that guy loves show off, but the real strenght don't exert like person's idea, our everybody here can at moment kill him.

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