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Week Anne at the right moment dedicates route of travel notes up, open an and see, Mo Tai 2 people always eat what, have fun all what things is choosing is the early expensive best, but the speech talks medium never say Qian Zi, obviously very elegant and cultured, return to a mendicant is 200 dollars, behavior very gentleman, once once wanted to lead long the hand of ice cloud of Su, but was freed from tangle, henceforth have no surplus action any further, probably is to harm self-respect, from in can see, this person wants a face very much and cares image very much, at least at Su ice cloud in front is so.
Avert from Mu to permit blue fall, call to pass Mu cloud of low voice order:"It is said that you are a swimming great ability, have interest to fix old personal enemy?"
Close Mu cloud to point distance to intentionally walk Mo that a jade tree faces looks power always Tai:"Is teacher Mo?How to play him?"
"That old boy is pursuing Su ice cloud, you seek him to compete a swimming and let to lose difficultly to see 1:00 and bring shame in the beauty in front so much, then you again seek me to compare, very distressly lose to me, by so doing, basic established my glorious image."
Close Mu cloud knowing a smile:"You are this old Yin stick, his athletics is very strong, football, basketball what of all take make moves, don't know to swim how level is, if compare 50 meters short pond, I also ten second more quickly several than him, winning the noodles isn't very obvious."
"Is quickly several ten still don't calculate quickly, is your aring the moon to the permafrost distance?The gossip is little the behaviour for say, seeing my expression of eyes under etc.."
Finish seeking to close Mu cloud and seek a Cui government, come straight to the point to ask a way:"Although I has no objection to a student to fall in love, but you incredibly have no today with Wu Chun Xing and make me strange very much together."
The Cui government is made an effort to extrude two muscles on the arm, the forehead explodes a blue vein and calls a way:"Do not take care of her, see my strength!"This words say foreword after doing not take language, but old Liao's lovely idea soon figure out come:"I know, you intend to break up BE, just O.K. a month, too child's play?"
"Do not involve in other's business, otherwise let your knowledge experience my explosion muscle!"The Cui government humed 1.
Liao learns a soldier to looking at that thin must two pitiful muscles, stretch hand to pass by lightly on pressing, keep kneading Cui government the scream bellow and almost rolled to shriek with pain in the ground.
Blew off the sand of finger, old Liao smile way:"Have been being held up by Wu Chun Xing, want to jilt to all jilt not to walk BE?That girl has slight money worship tendency, however if order a little bit and hard, still can change drop."
The Cui government livings the feeling of an understanding friend, fierce nod a way:"Is really such, I have already lifted some times to break up, but she doesn't calm down at all, also want that hindering me to make track for Anne is purely pure, be really distress."The 2 people side walks side say, get to small stand up bought two cups to cool by ice mango juice.
"I teach you several recruit, guarantee assure to fling off entangled object very smoothly."
"What recruit, dedicate quickly and quickly up."
"Ha ha, know your nothing important experience, in fact you empty last time fall in love still too early, don't know what was called real love.The men and women's hurts the other party most easily, nothing is better than at some language with special meanings."Liao learns a soldier to think that the square tries to teach his gentleman a set of easy just the love theory of form system."Ask you at her, you like her most where, you can say:In fact, I have been taking you to be a younger sister to see, this is to make the female kid a very depressed words."
"Hold!What is my still thinking !"The Cui government denounces openly:"Once say, her reaction was light tiny, said not to mind."
"That changes a , so say to her:'I didn't talk over in love and just wanted to take you to do a love experiments, don't tell me you was really.'This talks a , girl son affirmation pain not the desire living and lightly then maltreat an oneself meat body, heavy then seriously maltreat your meat body."
"Yi, this is quite good, there is potential, I try right away."
"Etc. finishes saying to remember to protect a face, there is also a small matter, you must solve for me, the sun beautiful Fang in Europe is your friends, let her seek me."
Finish giving an account sun beautiful Fang in Europe, say so much bad say, heavy gold commitment, let her promise to match with her own plan, and then rush into seeking Chen You Nian.
Mo the Tai always accompany Su ice cloud played for an afternoon, tired must die and live, strong such as he, calf also at continuously twitch.The unexpectatively cold beauty has fun to return be really madness,

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