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Mo always Tai secretly a smile:Too leave, just competed someone and then called in the beginning example, believing you were just strange, made a pretense of don't hear, gradually drew back with pass Mu cloud of distance.He is long through toughen, bear dint very astonishing, although accompany Su ice cloud strolled along while and really needed to break out, stiller malicious than peak status, the body week arises two wave flowers, hands or so swing, the muscle of Chen burliness, the posture is very beautiful to bear to see.
"Too abnormal condition, two pass Mu cloud's adding isn't his opponent either."It says in Li Yu.
Time led greater half for minute.
Mo Tai always blurs out the water polo on the face and says towards bending the body broken-winded pass Mu cloud:"Is really ashamed, I personal dint that work a little bit hard, just used approximately 50% is or so, your these students, hereafter would not° until much and more train for physical fitness go, don't always read a dead book, neglected healthy importance, for example that language lesson that boring, can learn don't learn."Do not know as well is say let pass Mu cloud listen to, still say let Su ice cloud listen to of, energetic and daring, as if carve the muscle lines of sort downwards drop water, early a stem the girl be fond of be scared out of wits, call a way in succession:"Teacher Mo were certainly the best, pass Mu cloud where peter last you."
Su ice cloud seldom once passes a dry towel, smile way:"In fact close Mu to wander about also quite good of, more better than me at least."
BE about to let to close Mu nephology to bark:"Help......Help......"A burst of weak call sign spread to come over, settle fine on seeing, the sun beautiful Fang in Europe carries so much of at another and the classmate throw ball drama water, a kid of incognizance carries water to carry to feel on the sea surface, and leaves her recent person to also have the quite a few ten meters at least.
This is an inning of performance!Mo the Tai always again jump into water, while the lifeguard also embrace air sac to hastily hurtle into nautical mile, 2 people a front one the empress rush through toward the location having an accident.
The behind is a burst of to hugely clap water at this time of voice, shout shout, seem more than ten individuals are in a threatening force that place swimming just can result in at the same time, a person who may compare shark speed exceeded him and arose Tao wave flower for sky, only the motor boat flies to soon brush past of time would produce.
That handsome Yi but again overbearing figure, nowise be afraid a continuous and never-failing wave, Mo the Tai and lifeguard always far and far jilt after brain, this is to truely test the time of a person, speed such of quick, Mo the Tai always wasn't Olympic Games champion to arrive?
A wave head dozen come, the Man leads Mo always the head of the Tai face, make his Qiang one mouthful water, that person has already taken while re- floating in the surface kid to add to visit.
"Does Liao learn a soldier?, Can can really steal the show!Mo Tai always sees clear that person's face and immediately feel matchless angry and upsetly swim back, this is most easily in front of beauty opportunity of Zheng impression cent!
Liao learns soldier be drowned a child to bring back near the bank, the lifeguard rushes through win come over Shi Jiu, luckily the problem isn't very big, drank half belly water press to press the chest vomits water out of the bearer awake.
Old Liao compares just at this time of Mo always Tai power and prestige many, once connected Mu to permit blue fall to pass of towel, agile Qiao of to not the parents say:"The nothing important, the nothing important, should do of, however you are parents, too the inattention is getting more safe, the common saying says rather deceit mountain Mo Qi Shui, water looks like the most safe, in fact also the most dangerous, you had better take a swimming pool to go and have a guarantee at least."
1,00< boons of the kid's parents are ten thousands, and take out bill to mutually present, Liao learns soldier to see Su ice cloud be also paying attention to this matter and immediately and righteously shakes head brush-off:"The life can not be measured with money, I am a people's teacher, save life and to help injured people is my gifted responsibility."
The Mu permits blue fall to silently pull his hand:"Teacher, save die the arm-rest is just the doctor's responsibility to, your responsibility should teach a Huang person."
"You understand what, world big way, the bead way together returns, for example Buddhism and Taoist arrived the high state, they is similar the truth of Wu, our teacher, doctor, fireman, scientist, all progress for the sake of the social development."

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