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he even doesn't show consideration the recommendation of noodles in Li Yu for hasing it of hero, the Kua being great to never hesitated to do what is rightly have it, mutually form under, just grasping the side of shore Mo the Tai being always subjected to of the front doing not meet of treating coldly, :"Teacher Mo competes you to so work harder with pass Mu cloud, why can at the time that someone fell into water but must you slowly are like tortoise to climb?"
"I, I just the game visit tired, certainly can not compare with your teacher Liao to so living fierce."Mo always Tai of the voice is weak many, turn round to say to Su Bing Yun:"Teacher Su, we return to hotel, wait descend have dinner together, here also the nothing important is divertive."
If Su ice cloud completely didn't hear him, eyes tightly stare at Liao to learn the soldier's a certain place, Mo always Tai heart in not great, follow the vision of ice cloud of Su to hope to go, the shape that sees old Liao is also fairly good, but full is a scar, compare with own perfect body figure to say, bad of isn't a file time, have what good-looking?Didn't save to that child, had already been sold at a discount in the beauty heart?
The students accompany to all surround Liao to learn a soldier to talk and nearby gathered a heap of compares of Su ice cloud not inferior to beauty, the clock Di Di says:"Teacher Liao, you say so a swimming, under etc. teach me good."This country says:"Teacher Liao, you are still pretty severe of, so far be apart from 1:00 can arrive to, also have two lifeguards lousy dead, also not know is trained have no."
Two lifeguards, one among the natures is to say Mo always Tai, his thinking to oneself has already visited enough and quickly, but compare with Liao to learn a soldier come mutually the form see Chu and have nothing to say.
The boy's mouth is more poisonous, original nobody to Mo the Tai always has good will, this under don't show consideration noodles as well, receive a voice to loudly say:"Teacher Liao, your speed in fact doesn't calculate as well quickly, however compare with tortoise, that quick get too many."The big voice is almost a Yang to wear throat to talk, surrounding 50 meters place everyone listens to clearly.
Mo the Tai be always very anxious to to fill him into sea turtle hull to sink into ocean again, refuse stubborn to can make offer an explanation, otherwise be promised oneself is a tortoise, almost annoy lungs all the bulge split, handsome Tun son in the tulip senior high school ever is frivoled so, too sad!
Liao learns a soldier to lift a trousers head to say:"Ha ha, the small matter isn't deserve mentioning, in fact I yesterday just- learned swimming, compared with person who do the athletics to say, naturally far far less."At this time Mo always Tai already a stem sneer at automatic immunity, see old Liao's action, there isn't together very obvious tatoo pattern in the small of the back place near the hip, the shorts cover up a half, but still can see is a brilliant Tan to spend, but his lover Su what ice cloud see is that tatoo.
"The tattoo has what good-looking of, not the place is to gain notoriety by shocking statement just, the old headman is those people, which body up have no a star the least bit of tatoo?"Mo always Tai angrily the gravamen finish wanting worry, felt cheap all and made old Liao have to the utmost and said to Su Bing Yun:"Teacher Su is here nothing important meaning, let's still return ."
"The sunlight in nowadays is the softest, still etc. night 1:00 again say."Su ice cloud lightly smiles, don't sway.
Liao learned a soldier to slowly and longly once turn a face and seemed to be just to see Mo always the face of Tai, exaggeration of call a way:"Teacher Mo, you how also here?The wave is very big, still return to swimming pool to go at once here."He once connected sun beautiful Fang in Europe to throw to come over of volleyball, say with smile:"Teacher Mo, seeing you carefree must understand, rather we play how is a beach volleyball?"
Many students all clap and shout "bravo", already the like matter makes the staff member bring ball net and rope line.
This has already belonged to a positive challenge, Mo the Tai hasty desire always save to throw to lose of face, again say that the ball games is exactly his strong point, Geng write the neck say:"Good, this is healthy beneficial mind and body sport, are we at the right moment red to do, a list to pick still each choose member of team?"Suddenly think of this pour is a to match with Su ice cloud to practice an intimate degree of good opportunity, say:"I and 1 brigade of teacher Su, you can at will choose a girl."
Hey Hey, you and Su ice cloud match with, is exactly a dead end!Old Liao's football doesn't go, volleyball but once do, the self-confidence was matchless, otherwise how can take a warfare on one's own initiative?
Mo the Tai always think ice cloud is affirmative with Su some don't wish, but she unexpectedly and gladly promised.

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