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obeisance of modern young man inveteracy gold thought the occurrence change very difficult, old Liao feels to take beautiful Fang of at present Europe sun first to do experiment of better, the relationship with her is temporarily not bad at least.
"For all that, I am very curious, if a boy don't have car ocean building, he is unique can make of be ride bicycle to take you to see setting sun every day, will you like him?"Liao learns a soldier to ask very carefully, don't visit as far as possible the sun beautiful Fang collar in Europe open very low blouse that faintly discernable of cleavage.
"Ha ha!"The sun beautiful Fang in Europe saw his one eye and had already smiled suddenly and very peculiarly:"Do not say so ambiguity, I don't almost think does the teacher want to vindicate to me and ride bike to take a female kid setting sun, this is a very general condition, I can not tell this condition where well bad where, the Yao says some trueer."
Is at the mention of to ride bike to see setting sun, the most people will thought of to once float of the sun of the horizon, the red glow at sunset spreads a full sky of, the nestling of female is in the male's bosom, all strange photograph wound to clap the condition of this topic too fine, would stirring and infinite fancy, in fact a little actual functions all have no, unique can explain of is that male's comparison Sao.
Old Liao isn't each girl very rendered speechless paste lane, "sun beautiful Fang in Europe, the truth tells me, how many boyfriends have you ever handed over?"
"Is three and please, don't take that kind of the taste see me, the nobody makes track for of the female kid will be despised by everyone of, seem three years 1 class that fatty old woman similar, hear all quick abnormal condition of her mental states."
"Which boy do you feel our class to match your eye good luck most ?Hope most who make track for you?"
The face of sun in Europe beautiful Fang is seldom red for a while:"In fact also have no who, look all about, if the teacher is 10 years younger that like, perhaps will I pour to make track for you."
Liao learns soldier's spiral to touch chin:Shaved to look 5 years younger at least, if have a hair again, at least the ability is 8 years younger above."If a boy has strong spirit of enterprise, good-hearted, is deeply welcomed by everyone, but he doesn't have Ferrari that you request, can't your meeting like him?"
"This ……may, must see that person is who just go."
Liao learns a soldier heart way:"His Niang of, who can being not a summer however also have?Liking a packing packing for that boy is a moral path."Present in brain however be dressed the flower inside beard Shao for a summer, person the situation of the mold dog kind, not from secretly steal to smile, positive color way:"Sun classmate in Europe, you what can doubt, but must believe the teacher's taste, so, at the latest 23 day, we wait and see."
"Like, don't fail to keep promise hey, otherwise I kick that matter to explode out, everyone perishes together, ha ha."
The six greatest beauties on the field all side round a heap of fly at this time, Lin Su Xing from go without saying, receive a soldier, Wang Long waits upon, make outsider not close to.The clock Di Di absolutely became the public's lover, almost each boy went up to strike up a conversation, didn't line up then changing of the number to Ma Pi who clap"wife's younger brother" clock Bai, having a younger brother the expensive power is with the elder sister.Li Xing Hua nearby has a new etc. person, in Li Yu finally the opportunity to find out gathered together up and the slightest ignored the threat of He Xin's look in the eyes.The shell Xiao Dan is also having a headache leaf jade tiger and four entwining of several eyeses, make her whole to connect to like to learn soldier to say with Liao in the evening conversational time all have no.But fresh amiability of small and blue fall, don't know when side drill an a few what boy volunteered have to roast for her, pure Anne is purely pure because the shape is really too high, the person of braving to challenge this difficulty extreme limit very of little, on the contrary have leisure to sit at part see everyone smiling to make.
However two classes originally are much male little situations of females, match for among them a few female kids pushing becoming an onrushing crowd, being too ridiculous, really not knowing the reasonable of resources like this again.
Old president and Smith's madams still and just and there form a not red not black situation, really make the public burnt, this old bone suffers from suffer from losing of mental state too serious, put not to open hand and foot, and is hard to display this only a few talent.
Probably be for humiliating what new, under the consultation of jade tiger several people of leaf, a lot of two years two classes of students all run to strike up a conversation Li Xing Hua, but what lately unbearable show weak,

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