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None of female children knows each aspects that two classes of boys compete each other, just suddenly feel to round own boy all the ratio is at school want to raise a layer to be above, pay attention to poise to even have poise, the gentle and cultivated next time is cultured and polite, straightforwardly more atmosphere, almost approach stupid situation, trivially more trivial then, all have the same target.That is the attention that draws on a female kid, this purpose, so they also all have common weakness, that is to look very affected.
Li Xing Hua unbearable its Long, this is big ear of want to invite him to eat, that shape highly wants to invite her to dance, the another graceful bearingly wants to drink one glass cocktail with her breeze.That outlooking funnily wants to speak the joke lets her listens to and make the sister in Gui wanted to say none of some whispers to dare to close to, unique can make of is use the stiff smiling face tactfully refuses them of good intentions, wants to seek to lend to escape.
Dissolve a moonlight bottom, Li Xing Hua sees the side of swimming pool quiet to sit in silence one person, purple shirt with breeze swing, the soft face lines and this night view fit together very much, is that to like to listen to an animated cartoon theme song and just play the peculiar teacher of one song 《loving melody 》 , he always seemed to be so to fall Mo so standing alone.
She to what lately tiny smile way:"I have a little cool, can take a coat for me at the hotel?"Again to Li Yu in say:"Classmate, we aren't that familiar, you always stand by me, it make me feel to perplex very much ……"
What lately dash away but go to, the Shan Shan backs to open in Li Yu, Li Xing Hua successfully gets rid of to walk two big heads fly, dynasty Liao learn a soldier Ying Ying to walk.
In fact old Liao gives everybody's fellings all different, the Mu permits blue fall to think he the moderate Chun Be thick to is an object that can depend on, the shell Xiao Dan feels this person not bad, the outward appearance isn't vulgar, the humor is interesting, style style deep feeling, good natured.In the Li Xing Hua's eyes, then feel the incarnation that he is melancholy qualities, probably have relation with old Liao's character abruption.
"Teacher Liao, how does the nobody invite you to dance?"
The back rings out a light and soft voice, old Liao turns head a to see, campus queen!That of Li Xing Hua's leading the lips of lipstick is flickering to become bright in the night view, looking the pole is captivating, in eyes of pure brightness take endless magic, at that moment the honesty answers a way:"I can't dance and say that the person is also getting older again, none of little girls likes me."
The slender and soft and tender palm of Li Xing Hua stretches to him:"Teacher Liao, I want to do to pay a dance with you."
Good heavens!I didn't listen to wrong and just complained nobody love, someone gather together to come up on his/her own initiative, absolutely is that piano song to result in remaining of causing a sensation the effect still right away at.
Old Liao is pleasantly surprised, a night of effort has never worked in vain to live, the penny cultivates penny result and picked the time of fruit to arrive.His joy some is it over early, hold tight a moment of Li Xing Hua's the Qian Qian jade hand from he, two of them then become the focus that the public focus attention, it happened that Li Xing Hua is dressed in a just like the purple skirt of couple's shirt, male of if face a breeze jade tree, female of the cage smoke Shao medicine, match too perfect!
And Su ice cloud together of time, they are a nobility, a ruffian annoys, the qualities is anti- bad mightiness, inharmonious, but stand with Li Xing Hua together, but seem to be so harmonious, imitate Buddha born lovers.This outstanding Li Xing Hua drive Chen must like Ling Po's pretty woman, same of, old Liao isn't inferior to at all, hand over to mutually reflect, be like a to add a is bigger than two so simple.
Eyes in Li Yu tightenned:This is still that out at elbow, lunch only is money vegetarian poor teacher Liao of vegetables?***Can also really dress up as a pig to eat tiger, the white white claps along while Ma Pi, return and lately and privately began several times, poured to let you blind cat to meet with to die a mouse and go out to trample a dog's dung luck.
The leaf jade tiger sees shell Xiao Dan suddenly don't talk, the facial expression is low to drop down, asking of concern:"Small Dan, how?It's cool to isn't a night to have a little?Where uncomfortable?"
"Do not be vexed me ain't very good?Follow you closely and then dislike."The shell Xiao Dan says chillily that quick emotion change, let leaf the jade tiger is caught unprepared, still chatted so happily two minutes ago, why become so, have already dropped a clanger.

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