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The ground of Mao Pa in Su ice cloud brain suddenly and violently Shan for a while, in a twinkling became blank, "is him, is him!Fix those two action postures of rascals before decade and exactly alike today!"At the beginning the of that boy's as powerful as a thunderbolt certainly gives Su ice cloud to leave to obliterate never of impression, learn a soldier with Liao at present two want to weigh to match, solemnly is the same person.
"How …… how may be him ……" Su ice cloud at this time mood five leaves are vacillating to hand over miscellaneous, even oneself also cans not remembers clearly Chu, hope that Liao's learning a soldier is that boy, and hopes basically be not, complicated and difficult speech, most the psychologist of authority also analyzes not and deeply.
The sky of the Geng settles Wu face to think:"Wretchedness in the sky sees, luckily he just gives me the slap, if by foot, this meeting which still have a life at?30 year river east, 30 year river west, I here have been making great effort, his affirmation dared didn't retrogress, naturally.Hereafter see, directly avoid three to give up."
Old Liao trails the hand of ice cloud of Su, Shi Shi however walked to go out, present unexpectedly no one can speak a words of integrity.
"Feed, your old schoolmate is depressed, if not that meeting she, we affirmation have fun today very pleased yesterday."Come out hotel, twist the head says to the after death big beauty, " Yi, do you why wear a woebegone expression?Whether just does the condition stimulate too much?Just if not that so doing, black-and-blue affirmation is me, have what think impassability, the man and woman considers the way of problem different, you don't take you to recognize the quasi- morals frame goes toward my body last."
The Su ice is made an effort to jilt to open his big hand:"Do I just ignore those mental derangements, asks you a question, the evening on November 16, 1997, you exactly at why?"
"Decade almost, also concrete till a certain evening, I how can anyone know, to, I had the habit to keep diary before.The diary that rather waits my frees time old house to turn over a past sees and then knew."
"Like, I wait you, finishing seeing the diary must remember to tell me, and you did what matter that evening."Su eyes of ice cloud aren't in a sudden either to hope him in a sudden.The moonlight descends this face how soft, change her before decade just as that heart of night.If he still keeps canning not recall everything.That only says a thanks, then turns round to leave.No longer turning head is a 10-year heart road to draw period.
Old Liao rubs a nose:'Why don't want to see previously diary can not?Again say medium the sea leave an old house to have a little far, didn't want to bother too much."
"I give you nines not very good?Nine day after exactly on the 16th, the period in decade, Su ice cloud cares very much.
"Ha ha, I thought of and seemed to save one that evening beautiful girl."
Su ice cloud heart bang bang jumps indiscriminately and almost breaks dress Shan earthquake, "you.You say what, that are you how to save?"
"Certainly was two rascals to plan lawless acts, I was never hesitated to do what is right, filled with righteous indignation, hurtled up.Those two rascals, higher than tower, grow the tiger back bear waist, take to greatly chop down knife in hand.Don't seem to be good on seeing a person ……"
Su ice cloud disappointedly shakes:"My prefering to you are to really remember.Don't be confused to brag as well, will let what people misunderstand so."
"Ha ha, " old Liao Shan Shan the ground say with smile:"Hearing in the afternoon that you once met hero to save is beautiful of good matter.Imagine you to doubt that person to is me?Although really want to pretend to be to get your good will, definite a D orders impressions to all have no.Calculated, went home to turn over old diary to say again."
Su ice cloud heart way:"I want you to state personally, detailed narrate in detail the process in that evening in detail, then …… then ……" then what, she also wants not to come up, in a state of drift whether should reveal a decade of admire of feeling, because Be existed to imagination in of Liao's learning soldier and Liao in the reality to learn a soldier is the most different, even a trace of fear this dream be knocked ground.
Walk to the wharf, come together 3410 visitors, raise an in order to wait for ferry, someone often sees watch:"The oh all ordered ten minutes late and how returned?It really Be getting more worried to death.
Four volcano island staff members ran to come over and loudly called a way:"Everyone hurriedly return to hotel go to, enchant an island to have suddenly and violently, at the sea be still huge good, temporarily can not navigation, the rain-storm is about to spread toward the volcano island right away."

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