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Squat down with Xu Zhen Ting by the side of the hallway up absorbed two smokes, Su ice cloud opened a door to say:"Liao learns a soldier and comes in."Just once blew to still take a little moist hair to stick on the forehead, not cosmetics' noodles permits lucid and attractive and free from vulgarity.The powder that the bathrobe collar peeps out delicate skin, let a few men the saliva crosscurrent is a ground of, Xu Zhen Ting wonders:"Good star Pei son, if Xing Liao's woman be willing to play movie, not red I slice head down to feed a dog."Mumbling way:"Mr. Liao, this girl is too beautiful, woman of great beauty."
Old Liao satisfiedly claps his shoulder to say:"I this year the 18th Ma Zi, grow unwillingly."In the vision of heart in torment that is full of to envy fire at everyone, the straight waist pole walked to pass by:"Hi, dear of, wash so cleanly, I definitely keep you company well."
Ice cloud dynasty Xu Zhen Ting of Su and the text of Pei Rui acts with dignity of smile, closing of Pa doorway, cold way:"Liao learns a soldier, you call who dear?Return be the other people's noodles, really not bashful!"Did not reveal at everyone's in front on the whole, stayed a face for him.
Old Liao's showing inclination toward vanity is exposed, immediately ashamed, compensate to say with smile:"Ha ha, the weather is really good today."
The words sound just fell, Pa a deep-fried thunder, earthquake metal hanger Weng Weng but ring.
Su ice cloud is lazy to manage his useless talk, say:"The clothes sent to wash and waited to burn well behind I at outside of sofa up lead a night, live together a building with man I not habit."
Liao learns a soldier to frightened to disgrace:"I just once saw in the hall, a lot of persons who didn't ascend room all at, whole is a male of, the sofa has already been filled with by them, you insist on?Rather I give you a piece of newspaper, the hallway spreads outside the door up, if have what sudden condition, knock on door me and then will get up."
This kind of words all say export, Su ice cloud has never seen don't tenderness toward woman thus of man, a grind teeth a way:"Like, I can't bother yours."
Old Liao ha ha say with smile:"Open a fun just, don't take seriously, the respect lady still understands.The bed has two, if you there are no propensity for cleanness and special privacy, everyone each the top that sleep a to spread, compromise for the night calculated and why the need for maltreated oneself, you don't want to go out, so don't wish foolish with me together?"Take out woodpecker penknife to fill into a her hand, say:"Harming the person's heart can not have, defending the person's heart can not have no, my comprehension, this handle defends body sharp weapon to temporarily return you to maintain for a night, if detection the person rise bad heart, you Tong ascend one knife."
Machine gun if ever estimate to all defend not to live you in the hand, but be this scene, Su ice cloud how again?The You You sighed tone and said:"Execuse me, this is me the first time and man get along with alone, the mood is very nervous."
"It doesn't matter, if you have the habit to is naked to sleep to literally take off, can't result in to me perplexed."
Su ice cloud already the people living immunity dint to this language and return the penknife to him and choose near the bed of window, cover up body with the bed sheet and say:"I have a claim and hear the sleeping of your man all not very high-class, the circumstance is more special today, if you can keep a basic etiquette, I will appreciate don't exert."
"Mama of, the woman requests so more."Liao learned a soldier to quickly take a shower, wore a pants swagger of come out.Want me trivial have much trivial, Su ice cloud doesn't dare to see him, the one tide is red to silently appear on the face, and the voice says very stiffly:"Can you not wear one more clothes?"
"I don't think as well so, the clothes all sent to the wash and hadn't burned."
"Be not there is also pajama?"
Old Liao cans not find to morely lend and has to put on a pajama, the way of Gu Nong:"Who call you at ordinary times always the plank wear dead person's face, I want to stir you to play, and the opportunity is so rare."
Though the voice is very small, Su ice cloud still heard:"Do you think that I think so?I also really like to smile of, in fact a lot of men entwine at ordinary times, I if not and so do, they calculated for the meeting insatiably greedy and anyway and so had already become accustomed to for several years."
"Yes and yes, do the persons of our office all make you destroy completely teacher too!"
Su ice cloud endures to can not bear any further:"Do not you want to talk nonsense to be not very good?I see you just be like east not to hurt!"

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