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really hope rare."Old Liao climbs his/her own last bed, turn off a light and said:"Heel your nothing important common language, sleep earlier."
The raindrop out of the window still the every drop Ta Ta keep ringing, Su ice cloud is bound close fitting son with the bed sheet, how could not sleep as well, three meters outside lie a men, let her heart imitate a Buddha horizontal a sting, the abnormality is suffered, several times 3 want to come outside to go and thought of oneself to wear a pajama and finally is still not dare.
Although this person has innumerable weakness, although will be used violence solution problem, but physically got along with to seem didn't also imagine medium so dislike, there is even also very fatal attraction, if at the moment he is like a 10-year front so touch own head to say:"The younger sister of the kid sister, lovely!"Can't the oneself meeting rush toward into his bosom to cry bitterly?
Su Bing Yun wants to think, gradually being full of tender feelings in the heart and thinking at ordinary timeses can't think of strange mind, "all say a man the impulse of that aspect is very strong, even if is the positive person of gentleman most,will occasionally flounce rational and morals of tie, why our 2 people die alone beard together up, he in addition to the mouth applies color 1:00, all have no other activity?"
Darkly medium unbearable lightly yell a way:"Liao learns a soldier, you asleep have no?"Connect to make several voices don't respond, must be asleep.Realized mistake after several minutes, Liao learned a soldier suddenly openings way:"Do not sleep!"Frighten her scare to death.
Old Liao again immediately after way:"Sleep wear just strange, my in the mind just at violent flounder, alas, too difficulty."
"You can't really need to do a bad matter at the midnight?"
"I tell a story for you and long time ago have a show just to get lost in deep Shan-li and find out a cabin and beg a night to the host, the host are a widow, the home is very poor, only a bed, but see a show just pitiful, can't, 2 people have to together push a bed, the widow says'if you plan lawless acts are animalses'.The show just slept with widow for a night, indeed as expected polite, didn't over gift half for cent.In the morning widow show just rush through get up, he walks right away and show just greatly puzzled, ask:'I what didn't do!'The widow has a fit a way:'So you even the animalses are all not equal to!'"
Su ice cloud is one Leng first, want to know the meaning of joke, smiled for a while, thought more 1 F again, immediately after had a fit, isn't this satirizing her?"Liao learns a soldier, you brain inside in addition to dirty speech Hui language, can also leave what?"
Liao's learning a soldier don't connect a chamber, heart way:"Charge forward?I am an animals, is it not last?I not equal to animals, should how is good?Just just, still conquer her heart first to conquer her person again.This girl could not sleep and wait to descend me to pretend to sleep in the past, then packed talk in a dream and called her name, she affirmative touched cry bitterly, just thought the man of so deep feeling style style, even dreamed to all miss her, ascended to where seek?"
The saying stem is then dry, unclear say a voice:"Do not pull, go to bed."Estimate how time, slowly send out slight nose Han.Ear Gao Jian Qi, listen to Su ice cloud each and every move, there of the breath voice fall calm and seemed to relax a lot, mama of, does Lao Tze look to be like a bad person very much?
Grind teeth to insist for two hours, maintain to have the nose Han of regulation, fear to disturb the other party even not dare to take turns body, exhausted pole, sleep a set of, also not know she asleep have no, prepare to say"talk in a dream" like"ice cloud I loved to die you" chats form meaning, then and really go to bed, see suddenly Su ice cloud bone Lu to uncover a quilt all of a sudden to lightly walk to his bedside.
"Sleepwalking?Don't take knife Chuo I?Does the woman in"old Liao frightens the faces are all green, " exactly want to do what?"At that moment the atmosphere doesn't dare, an on every occasion, the power is oneself is kill a person good.
"Window place Pa a flash of lightning, the sky of laceration small utter darkness, raindrop intensive downfall, this is a bloody night, sees Su ice cloud opening a mouth and wiping two Liao teeth and holding right hand Gao Gao of point knife to raise and putting to go downward ……" old Liao forbids not to live to think of 《blood the night is evil to work properly 》 and comes out the scene of weird terror in the brain.
Su ice cloud started acting!She slowly draws back the quilt that Liao learns a soldier!Old Liao again is frightened again is excitement:"Originally she is a real animals!"
However the fact prove that this is just Liao to learn a soldier wishful.Su ice cloud grasps a his ice-cold hand and soliloquizes a way:"Sleep really be like to kill a pig."(Old Liao's heart calls a way:"Is Lao Tze awake!

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