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pulling up taller than other people?The woman likes a self-confident man right, if the extremely conceited arrogance makes people produce bad impression and frankly speaking shells Xiao Dan to like an easy to understand true male kid."
The leaf jade tiger signs a horse the Yan was again:"In fact I have already started to be not extremely self-confident, why connect sea beach this spends a holiday a so good project, all having no can more accept her one step."
"If the shell Xiao Dan falls in love with other people, how to do your meeting?"
The leaf jade tiger is sprung up:"BE who, four eye Zis?I killed him!"
Science research enunciation, be in love medium of the men and women really secrete a kind of hormone to cause intelligence quotient's descending, the leaf's jade tiger emotion of now has already fallen such as Liao learn a manipulating of soldier in, "how, haven't you thought such as this kind of problem as well at 1:00?Don't think shell Xiao Dan is just for you are a person stays, even if currently get in touch with not up, hereafter still have an opportunity, impossible!She completely has the right of her own choice, you are unique can make of BE, fight for oneself the ability is elected as of several rates are just a little bit bigger."
", You say also to ……"
Liao learns a soldier to laugh behind one's back:Hereafter allow you to discover shell Xiao Dan heel I together of words, have already lent as well, what matter is this what she chooses by herself, close me?"Opportunity to everybody is on an equal footing, the shell Xiao Dan is a girl who has a passion for study, I guess that she doesn't hope her future boyfriend result very bad strength, you examine to all depend to cheat to get by under false pretenses each time and have a class to not and hard attend lecture and clamor a dozen to make and tease a teacher and humiliate classmate, can not make the public cool?"
"Not just does midterm your conductor cheat?How hard plant I is in the head, however the words say back, each female kid likes an excellent boy ……"
"Is indeed as expected intelligent, you are still students, judge whether a person is excellent nature is with studying the result is standard, not have a to help footman do nothing all day long of blind make people admire."
The leaf jade tiger disagrees unclearly, you how can anyone know be the shell Xiao Dan to so think?However old Liao's words also leave the impression of just right in his in the mind and start to grasp one to pare a good pineapple to chew, chewed severals and called a way:"How so puckery?"
"The pineapple implies a kind of pineapple Mao, will to the person's mouth cavity creation incitement, go to skin behind should slice a piece, use thin bubble half in brine hour, can repress the pineapple Mao glues film and the incitement on the lips to the mouth cavity, then will also feel the pineapple being getting sweeter.The men and women relate to is also so, if what work don't do and then want to get a result, meeting get just the opposite, have to have thing to carry on moderating, make both parties become more the circle is smooth, leaf jade tiger, you take what act as and shell Xiao the lubricant of of the Dan?"
Leaf jade tiger rendered speechless, the deliberation just says all of a sudden:"I seem to be too to be eager to begging, some felling also had no and had never thought her to suddenly become so charming last semester, which in time sought what lubricant, the he-man gentleman thought ascend up, the nothing important could hesitate of, if night one step make the other people victory to the swift-footed, can repent the past Mo and."
"Ask you one more question, if had the very beautiful another a very passionate girl to fall in love with you, what reaction will you have?"
Leaf jade tiger the surprise throw away a pineapple:"BE who?"Suddenly feel that oneself is too silly, lies sofa bottom to once say:"BE who I am uninterested, last term three years 1 class that fatty old woman write love letter for me and let everybody disgusted, harm the laughing stock that Lao Tze becomes whole school."
The words difficulty introducing the sun beautiful Fang in Europe to the summer however is too big, rather throws a jade tiger isn't so bad, kill two birds with one stone, complete the commitment to the sun in Europe beautiful Fang, and solve to the leaf leaf's jade tiger to shell Xiao Dan a toad lusting for a swan's flesh of concealed suffer from, once old Liao read into this, let the waiter take a pineapple to steep thin brine and clean to say with smile:"Leaf's classmate, you had blessing, that girl looked pretty, more good-looking than fatty old woman 100 times, even and shell Xiao the Dan don't think a top and bottom as well, most important of BE, she is passionately devoteds to you, ever since that time the senior high school enter school till now, have been being liking you."

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