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Being the south city cupboard will of the person come to ask for trouble, you let under charge the person did an appearance to spread quickly, showing filial obedience of this month I more 30%."
The thunder roar turns over to open big hall the manager's statement to took a look and says:"Not only the person of cupboard meeting, the hooligan's person also came, they they prepare very well and just to lift the crafty pimp of next wound member whole cupboard meeting from the upstairs, have no the person of a hooligan."
"Hooligan ……" egg yolk touches chin and hurriedly makes a phone call to report to Mo Lao Wu.
Mo Lao Wu lightly smiled:"The hooligan's person BE?So can declare a matter, since tonight, cupboard will this name will from medium the sea put on go to, let representative director good well a little bit pure loss, in a couple of days the decuple indemnification of Long Er Hui of.You comfort a big head of those shares well and let them have peace of mind."
Liao learns a soldier and lets the under charge wait the person to the Feng and sends back north city and just arrived a lake road, the tremble with fear scared Feng then requested to get off and let the ferocious younger brother of that facial expression leave by oneself.
A burst of autumnal winds once pares off and curled up a few defoliations, the Feng was fierce to feel the chill invading a body, originally carry on the back behind early be wet by the cold sweat, two legs deliver soft, almost unable to take a step son, once touch the right hand Wu of assisting at wine parties the girl chest from keep trembling:"Really opened mental horizon, Liao's learning a soldier unexpectedly was a mafia eldest brother, he tomorrow can't also continue to go to school and go to work?I dare to also be like usually similar literally call his a little Liao?"
"Big uncle lends some money flower flower."The positive idea is miscellaneous in disorder, after death ring out a salute, turn head a to see, 56 small bludger stations that is overcautious to squat down by the side of the street rise and round Long to him.
This a few small bludgers only have 20 come year old, Diao in the mouth wears Ran exert of cigarette butt, the artificial leather coat is dirty to move unbearable, dye full knot hard piece of of overnight wine Zi, nostril dynasty sky, the air is supercilious, take spring coil penknife in hand, know on seeing to is the kinds of goods that often causes trouble in the street.
Feng a surprised, also take to intend to take 45100 pieces of pin money that the girl opens building on the body, meet with this several individuals, cigarette money in this month of estimate is all not enough, strong make a natural way:"Feed!Deeply more at the midnight, don't you still go home to go to bed, is admiring greatly a head to drink northwest breeze?"
Pare off nail to say with the penknife for one person of head:"Just so, so I thoughted of way of drinking the northwest breeze not, size, the watch, money on your body, the cellular phones all aware of self to take out, province we began."
The Feng still treats hesitant, another person raised a hand to chase his sang for a while and kept pushing sidewalk side of under the defoliation Rong, the spine runs into tree trunk, earthquake leaf Su Su but fall.
"Feed, feed, money gives you be, not worthwhile begin."The Feng good brave fellow lord accepts short-term loss and hurriedly takes out money and in a flash of hand captures for that person of head and opens to turn over to see, explodes with rage while ascending and calls a way:"See you wear quite goodly, just so several piece, small four, order for him difficult see."
Named small black bludger to take off a shoes, toward the face of Feng to take out.
"The Chi slips away" two motorcycles drag along one being long is long of the tail smoke , on jilting a bottom, stop in the sidewalk and shed leaves the step of the Rong a side.
Small 4:"What person, haven't seen beat a dog?"
The motorcycle pilot turned off and said to the person of flank:"Oh, isn't this elder brother Bing's honored guest, just I once saw in the jade Yu Qiong building of, quickly up."
Pilot's agility jumps down car, once the palm flick, and a the handle point knife knife nails to wear small four wristses and keeps putting on the tree trunk.
Bludger headman hasn't responded to come over, again is on putting the penknife of similar woodpecker model number into his right face, pass mouth cavity, once wore left Sai, the point of a knife Ke collapses two teeth, the blood,such as spring, gushes and flows into throat, again sweet again Xing.

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