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Kick positive sheet iron, this classical old man incredibly was the honored guest of hooligan's eldest brother!The bludgers each heart such as dead ash, a words all don't know how to say it.
Another member of the hooligan kicks to pour bludger headman, the shoes steps a sneer way on his head:"All kneel down to Ke 3 to ring a head, then strip naked to run to the shallow water street with pants."
The Feng is frightened to slightly settle, wipe off a face up the dirty mire, heart way:"Or learn soldier to mix to calculate with Liao."
The medium sea in the second day early reports the side Cape place to publish five man's busy streetses run about wildly, the expert is suspected a behavior art of a fait divers.
The southern city Xuan force avenue that is 4,000 meters apart from the jade Yu Qiong building in the straight line, more than 20 motorcycles roar and shout but lead and kick along the street garbage to all turn over, street lamp, advertise all of the light boxes to pulverize, ring irritating to the ear unpleasant to hear voice on the deep night silent street.
Is close behind and is ten motorcycles be once driven with tighter speed, exact center the behind of that car fastens long long of cordage, the cordage is another on carrying to have a man of hardly recognizable as human beings, drag along in the ground, a blood scar is from street to street tail, didn't break continuously.That person whole body remains scattered cloth, on the hand, mutually wipe with mire ground on the leg, continuously whet a mince, as if traverse late acute pain to early faint the pain.
Drive Xuan force avenue end, the leaf small white stopped car, a knife pared to break a rope, threw that person into flower nursery and said:"Giving is honorific of the knife Ba wealth stay a life, to make collective report well with Long Er."
Liao learns a soldier to take out key to open doorway and takes off a shoes, the Nie hand Nie feet grope in the dark to walk into a living room, is about to return building, and the next door building spreads a words:"Teacher, go to which make nuisance for others back?"Frighten him be scared out of wits.
Unexpectedly the artistic skill is so intelligent, didn't send out some voice, still disheveled hair now, old Liao puts on forehead cold sweat and beats a yawn:"Ah ……slept a to feel, just thought of bed urine, blue fall, haven't you slept, this didn't go, tomorrow still need to have a class."
The next door building Mao opens and projects bright ray and shines on successful to lift leather, old Liao's minute particle of the ghost ghost Chong Chong finishes now.The Mu permits blue fall red double feet, wear a pajama, the hair is in great disorder, all over the face angry countenance, embrace hands to stand on the doorway, say:"Teacher, you weren't a 3-year-old kid again, how still tell a lie, clearly be outside drink, also bent on having weave so many reasons, I could not stood you."
Old Liao Nao Nao head lend this dissimulation he or she of embarrassed, say with smile:"Ha ha, be died for job by body, my E, accompany leadership in the school to drink, you also know of ah, president's that simpleton always needs to clap to flatter of, the class discipline isn't good, he frequently does the threat want to button up my salary, I so try very hard to, not just want that earning money to keep my little darling hard is small and blue to fall?I silently go home, afraid you asleep, don't dare to disturb you."
No matter Liao learns the soldier steeps a girl or drinks, so sweet the so warm and fragrant words early let the Mu permit blue fall softhearted come down, remains the least bit suspicious:"Is this true, you can forbid to swindle."
Old Liao throws down shoes, an embrace small and blue fall, smile happily of say:"For the sake of my blue fall, work definitely and hard!"
The Mu permits blue fall brothers accompany soft, the anti- hand hugs his waist, the Xia flies a pair of cheeks and talk voice more and more small:"That you hereafter prohibit to dislike the meal that I do very unpalatable."
Liao learns a soldier palm fall and crumpled several bottoms in her small bottom egg:"Sleep quickly, it is late."
The second day morning, the Zheng wears shadowy sleep an eye to come out Ao water of an alley, the entrance to alley parked a black lengthened Cadillac sedan, "is the summer however?Put table till° Lao Tze's in front, this absolutely is from try to commit suicide road."
The sedan doorway draws back, a body form that is fatty stupid such as the pig stands down car, and facing Liao learns a soldier to open a pair of arms:"Is dear, I wanted to die you."
Old Liao disgusts of push away Mo Lao Wu, don't like a spirit way:"Dying is a little bit far, an early morning sees the head live the pig makes threatening gestures in the in front, unlucky."
Mo Lao Wu dozen Lie Ju, re- stand well, say with smile:"Give to order a face, come, get on the car, I take you to see kind thing."

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