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Drilling a bewitching Qiao of in flat ground is moving, it give birth to a pity girl the good repute, soft-voiced way:"Host, I take you to go to."
Geography lesson didn't ascend a half, the Mu permitted blue fall to slip away a classroom, at convenient bought a bottle of cola in store, suddenly someone claps her shoulder to ask a way:"Classmate, Liao of your school learns teacher Bing all of a sudden, his where?"
The Mu permits blue fall to turn head a to see, unexpectedly is a 89-year-old girl, an ivory sweater, round scarf, be dressed in a high all sharp end shoes, grow very beautiful, "this kind of woman come to teacher and isn't a serious woman on seeing, affirmation is what teacher makes nuisance for others to provoke in the outside ascend." Cola bottle the layer after layer is on the table and say:"Is incognizant, which have what Liao learn a soldier, have never heard, you arrive the suburban area slaughter house go up and see and perhaps have which pigs is Liao to learn a soldier."
"You ……ah, calculate, I seek by myself and anyway also read for three years at this school and went first form master office."That girl says, wrap in the small Ku in took out small lens to repair one even makeup and soliloquize a way:"This guy can't cheat mine, the man really wasn't a good thing, played for a night and then really didn't seek me."
"Was you also the student of tulip before?"The Mu permits blue fall a dynasty she Be small and soft to see go, have a little familiar looking, is rain Xi of the river who far sows on a gorgeous of tulip, it is said that she every day opens to keep thing cabinets will drop 30 courtships letter that stranger writes.
"You are is two classes of for a year, now was two classes of two years classmates, we once saw before, my cousin was however called a summer, you definitely knew her?"
"Is the summer however?Are you to say a that dog snobbish dog?Summer however that kind of garbage, are you her form 玥 ?"And return to seek a teacher, will never be a good thing.
The cousin is blamed, river rain Xi face Be some to hang not to live:"Are not you classmates, what's the matter with him?"
"Yourself go to our class classroom, see him you knowing."
"Calculate, I mainly was to come to seek Liao to learn teacher Bing, he should be your form master, you how say incognizant he."
The Mu permits blue fall to see this shameless of the woman Be old to want to entwine a teacher, deliver vexation more in the heart:"He last month because flirt women, morally degenerate, have been already adjusted Xuan force the avenue primary school sweep floor."
"What, is Liao's learning a soldier really a person like this?"River rain Xi has a little not to believe his/her own ear and hurriedly cross-examines:"He why want to so do, classmate, do you know?"
The Mu permits blue fall inclined her one eye:"You ask to ask to go to bottom and have already finished don't finish?Liao learns a soldier to attempt to rape temple snow Lin and Smith's madam, because the evidence shortage didn't grasp him, affirmative foolish don't snow at school, he that kind of the lazy person seek to work not easy, go to Xuan force the primary school beat a toilet and wipe a toilet."
River rain Xi the full belly is suspicious, say:"Liao learns a soldier how may so do, he is the proudest man whom I have ever seen ……" but boring hint sound spread:"The number that you stir has been already shut down."Can not help scolding a way:"This leveret Zai the son is poor to connect cellular phone words fees to all have no money to hand over!"
Take leave Mu to permit blue fall, the alignment transacts building, the on the way runs into the typist Yan that likes a gossip Ms. Jiang and stopped a step to ask a way:"Ms. Yan, long time no see ah, you the complexion is really quite good today."
The Yan river pushes gold silk glasses:"The oh is river rain Xi classmate ah, hear that you passed examination is the sea heavy, haven't paid, this time how free come back?"
"I have a matter to want to ask you, two years two classes of form masters whether is called Liao to learn a soldier, is he still at school?"
"Does Liao learn a soldier?"The river of the Yan this can come to strength:"He doesn't can also go at school where, it is said that returned to fight 1 with temple minister yesterday, seemed because of the relation of flirting the temple minister."
When the first people say don't believe, but the second people also say so of time, river rain Xi some Be getting halfer believe and half doubt, as long as the business that asks to learn a soldier concerning Liao more begs a certificate and says:"Is he really a person like this."

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