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but the language repeatedly spreads, what editions all have, the Yan river didn't know to listen to which ear, incredibly talk big to change to oneself personally see.Once is also so, Feng and Sung jade Hao were together braggart, the expression compared closer, but fell a river's eyes at the Yan in, 2 people became out and out of homosexuality.
"Still have to still have, you never tell others, Liao learns a soldier to learn wild diagram to pursue me, certainly drive I the strict phrase refused and humed, that kind of man, the dead is in front of me, I see all don't see one eye."
"What, does teacher Liao pursue you?"There is personal socket way on the side of hallway:"He is a blind to have a liking for sows can't have a liking for you.Your you of Chou Chou, full face chloasma, rush toward how much powders all cover up not to live, all the old woman of 30 quite a fews, also build castle in the air all day long, I guess that the words should turn over to say just to, is you to the infatuated crazy idea of teacher Liao, promise don't get amount of company, teacher Liao sees not and up you!"
2 people are startled to turn head, is two years two classes of beautiful leg girl the D 枊 is quiet, she just to transact building, listenned to the Yan river's hostile opinion, the fury in eye was flaming, really wanted to kick downstairs the steps to this big mouth woman and stepped on several feet again, "Wu Mie our teacher Liao, ate the bear heart leopard son Dan?"
The Yan river's back's stiring up breeze to light fire is a good hand, but never dares cross swords face to face with others, are two classes of students for a trace of fear two years, in a hurry walk to the stairs:"I have a lot of matters to have to be busy, lazy must manage you."
"This classmate, is Liao's learning a soldier your form master of class?"River rain Xi says with smile, although 2 people gets along with for a night,Liao learns a soldier that profoundly strong qualities Yuan if the branding sort beats in her heart.
"BE how again, be not again how?"The D 枊 calms down very cheerless in speaking.
"If is like, am I about to seek him, do you know where he is?"
"Do not know."
"To, don't urgently wear to walk, you feel teacher Liao is what kind of person?"
Calm down to come out in in the D 枊 of, whole is to be getting more funny, "teacher Liao Yao, he is the person whom one makes people feeling safe, regardless and when, at under the circumstance of many dangers, you as long as seeing him, meeting whole body the heart rather quiet down, he has the strength to take the unconditional letter of people, there is also incomparable magic power, if elect a world excellent man, I definitely throw his ticket."]
See this girl definitely learn a soldier to have great good will to Liao, river rain Xi surprised Cha in tiny have feeling of jealousy, heart way:"None of everybody's evaluations to hims how same, what to walk is two extremities, too oddness."
Inside the month absolute being big manor, Liao learns the soldier turned fives with the housemaid curved, arrive at a still big toilet than Ao water apartment.Floor is spread of is a marble, what wall skirt inset is a black Yu stone, the pipe lines all cover up into a wall, would stretch out a faucet just at the place needing and inset the toilet side of the silver of gold Qian to spread a mattress."On the side put mattress why?Is strange, the rich family's eccentricity man is many, I still don't ask well."
Make Liao learn a soldier red-blooded the matter up flowing out took place, that female rushed toward to kneel on the cushion, the hands are placed to a knee, as if the lamb sort delicate and touchingly say:"Host let me serve your convenience."
Even is pulling bubble urine someone also in attendance on?Make people be getting more excited too much!Liao learns a soldier to have a little ashamed, but the thought of finally big man have last breeze, on the other hand curious, on the other hand feel that the girl serves to urinate, is a much big power and influence just can change of?Gentleman can not the first have no business, is ordered about by this kind of thought his two legses to deliver a soft station before toilet.
The housemaid of shape amiability stretches out a soft and tender small hand to lightly draw back his zipper and take out that black of trick, the face son follows to become red, the small hand lightly touches, and this is the incitement that is hundred percent to add code to old Liaos, slowly raised.
Damn?I how so useless!Old Liao blushes up to the ears, a drop of urine all the Sa don't come out, housemaid is some oddness, and then don't dare to ask more, the finger shivers badly.
Old Liao finally cannot helped but and said:"Go, you went out first, myself come can of, then keep on making Be about to fold a life."Housemaid starting to tidy up a cushion to hang a head to come out a toilet is like general amnesty.

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