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The avenue ascends a raging river of cars and trucks, person's bearer goes toward, the pedestrian shuttles if knit, locate at hereat the Jia of the whole city biggest scale to enjoy casino already and close up shop for long as long as a weeks, let sudden wealth gambler of numerous a nights, squander money like dust a ground of Hao guest's complaints are heard everywhere.
Now then sky, seem to have a little an accident, the front door opens and spreads red carpet, a great deal of guard carries rifles with loaded bullets, the sky hovers around two helicopters, inside the parking lot exert is luxurious car, someone stretches forward to explore a brain to want to see a jollification, the guard who patrol has already pulled out Jing stick to take out to him.
Go in from the hall.Have been passing medium hall, empress hall, there are six movies, the elevator is some oddness, not is to lead to upstairs, but lead to underground.
At deep and the underground of 40 meters, a hall of area comprehensiveness, the smallpox is about ten meters in height, in addition to illuminating a lamp, there is no adornment, closely get empty seat on all sides, a big platform of 12*12 square meters in positive center, Gao Chu's floor one meter is or so.
The set bottom sits more than 20 persons, headgear Chu Chu, or hand over a head to connect an ear, or the noodles have no facial expression, although the air condition opens hundred percently, the temperature is feat,still doesn't aware of self to have an algidity to spread to come up from the foot, imitate a Buddha here am the entrance of hell.
Is a ground, fix Luo's field in times gone by have live a hell of call.
Control medium sea is to the whole all Yu orchid basins of southern politics, economy and energy, science and technology and education, police and mafia will upper level meeting 11 tycoons together gather here, they want witness today 12 people's creation.
Exactly is a west city godfather city Long Wang Ye, Long Er, of Mo Lao Wu still a south?
Because 2 people fight, invade each other and draw together other members.Play more strong more, on every occasion is large-scale turf war, person in the custody center is full to bring trouble, makes the common citizen are agitated, to medium sea as usual the economic development result in biggest influence, even other 11 people are also all divided into neutral, Mo Pai and Long Pai and take advantage of an opportunity to report old accumulate animus enemy of limit or seize a larger advantage, throw into great disorder, everywhere one foul air.
The circumstances is more and more serious, after spreading to more people's benefits, the parliament has to carry on an urgent Jie company and finally reach compromise, and the agreed at both parties circumstance decided an election method, that , according to mafia method solution, is fixing Luo fields and coming to one real mortal combat in the bureau and winning and selecting and losing ground and buming out forever in the sea.
Dragon second-hand bottom trump card Xie Zi Wei, 31 years old, come from a river valley county to get into to fix Luo's field to take part in a brawl this April, already connect win 27, haven't defeat, his moment the boxing strength is easily the tallest to attain more than 1,000 kilograms, can knock down a head of flood cow, each time end, he all over bath of blood___enemy ground blood, usually want to beat enemy all over have no a cake of integrity of time would give up, because it the boxing breeze work properly uncanny, the other people are called him "blood demon"!
But Mo Lao Wu's this places, candidate's name of war slowly didn't reveal, let"Mo Pai" of the member is thousand times anxious, you didn't have confidence and then don't promise to make what mortal combat, lost never mind, bringing trouble Lao Tze was consumedly far from good.
One of the tycoons, the bureau chief Gu dynasty in police station sun has been a neutral parties, two parties all sent the number not thin money for him, one-sided which squares all have Sun to the head of they"fair, fair", anyway affair all so, you say where side is the cure of success higher?"
Dou too the chapter only and perhaps blather words to give offense to other people, but the surface again packs the vehemence that didn't fear to anyone and says:"The data from the hand up see, Long Er had to a little bit greatly win noodles, he that blood demon Xie Zi Wei cut off remarkable.
"The year before last year Long Er for annoying for own casino attraction hand, once weighed thin Er of American heavy weight boxing champion Huo benefit of gold invitation to beat a for a while boxing, at that time he ground the opponent is exactly Xie Zi Wei of the nobody."
"?"The Gu dynasty sun comes to interest:"This is Mi Xin, a Chinese family name which, you say quickly."
"I also haded participation to put up stakes at that time, I was next is that the Huo benefit thin Er was virtuous, compensated rated for on compensating 1.7, be said zero benefit the thin Er virtuously won a face reading to be greatly, rule according to America

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