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The leaf autumn is one Leng, does he know himself/herself?
And, when oneself speaks name, his little bit didn't also show unintentionally any surprised facial expression and on the contrary and immediately asked'why is you'words like this.
He always does the at the back pay attention to he and even still once see own photograph?
Very probably.
Leaf autumn in the mind dark way mess, afraid is that the task this time was hard to complete.
The autumn of the leaf saw one eye the small face start some nervous Lin Bao Er, the in the mind laughs behind one's backs, this descends you to also know frightened?
On the face but keep enough respect, say:"Since develop to this one step, I feel to have necessity to visit treasure son of elder."
"You come what is the purpose ?"The old headman asks a way and sees be getting sharper to the look in the eyes in leaf autumn.
Ye Qiu feels that the air of he or she's surroundings is solidified general, it difficulty that is so to breathe.
Ye Qiu knows that old headman at exerts pressure for oneself.This kind of once open fire over the bath of blood of 100 war generals suddenly start Wei, that kind of the vehemence let very difficult acceptance of people.
"I come to come with a marriage proposal.Please allow the supply to the treasure son I."The autumn of the leaf is straight chest, the Yang voice says.
The person dies bird dynasty sky, deathless ten thousand ten thousand yearses.If the prestige of He He and world distinguished that be afraid this old headman cover Xun, afraid is oneself can be seen low one eye.
Being used as a men is even if dead, also want to stand.
See a leaf be not exceled by the grandpa's vehemence for autumn, words on the contrary spoke to come with a marriage proposal according to their engagements, Lin Bao Er's small face enjoyed to open a flower.
Wish, leaf autumn be still and the other person is a bit different.
Before, some when of ability young man in the Yan capital city arrived at grandpa's in front, even said words disadvantageous Suo.Was even if some to once sign military merit to is subjected to the general that the grandpa receives, when the grandpa pulls a long face, also feel that the knee delivers soft.
The old headman surprisedly saw leaf's one eye for autumn, again the clean benefit Suo ground throws moreover a problem and asks a way:"Why to want to my house to come with a marriage proposal?"
"Because-so the treasure son will be happy."The autumn of the leaf hesitated for a while and said.
He originally means to say because I and treasure son each other loving each other, but feeling this kind of words him really can't speak.
The old headman still needs to be kept on cross-examining, flank of the old woman unhappily stared his one eye and said:"The somebody else kid came and always made the somebody else sit down
Tea?Which already make the somebody else stand keep on having been asking?"
Till now, the leaf autumn still has no opportunity to fall.Old headman not open mouth, even if is Lin Cang Lan also not dare to make a noise invitation.
"Be.What about grandpa's prisoner?"Also the Lin Bao Er Jue wears mouth to help a chamber.
The old headman complies with the surrounding to start to carry the cup of in front to drink tea and also gives the leaf the opportunity to take a breather for autumn.
"The autumn of the leaf comes.Sit here."The old woman points at the position of their flank to ask a leaf to fall for autumn.That position and Lin Bao Er depend of recently, but is in the old headman of obliquely opposite, the square then old headman immediately after interrogates.
See, this position is special for oneself prepares of.
"The autumn of the leaf, why feel treasure son and you together will be happy?What assurance do you use?"A beautiful middle age beautiful Fu says.She sits at a men nearby, that man's face reading is very similar to Lin Cang Lan.
The autumn of the leaf doesn't know that that man is Lin Cang Lan's father, Lin Yu Hong, , still two uncle, Lin Yu Kong ,s, but regardless these two people is which, all is at the soldier boundary He He well-known big guy.Especially Lin Cang Lan's father, Lin Yu Hong, is the class that is very likely to take office master wood's son and become the China soldier with lately a-term country Wei pair chairman.
According to China country usual practice, soldier chairman Wei from No.1 chief in nation part-time, but physically control troops big power of but is a soldier Wei pair chairman.
This position is very and imposing, can be treated as the highest point that the peaceful age force will be able to rise a job.
The autumn of the leaf sometimes thinks that simply oneself from Lin Bao Er got.

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