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Run into to be good at hidden Gao.Ye Qiu knows that the small white also belongs to the monster of this kind of type.However.The small white hides.The autumn of the leaf can also look for clues to take into to guard against.The skill that this opponent plays hide-and-seek compares small white still better.
Since can not find his shadow.The words can'ted attackstone on one's own initiative.That the ability heart waited for.
Wait for he speaks to lure he to come to here of purpose.The thunderbolt that waits for him first shot.
"Do you fear me very much?"|Lets the greatly terrified voice of people again ring out.It is like someone to grasp a sand to write in the ear continuously friction.Trample upon meninges of through.
"Yes.You are the superior whom I run into.Probably.I probably needed to stay here.
"The autumn of the leaf frankly says" I seem to have no your this friend.Frequently lure I come to here of what is the purpose ?"
"Quack Ga."It is more a burst of irritating to the ear laughter to spread.It is similar to crow interjection.Obviously.The answer of leaf autumn lets an arriving of his confidence extreme inflation.
Hear so terrible laughter.The autumn of the leaf hates not to stir up his/her own two big mouth sons.Clap his Ma Pi stem what?Scold him several.|He how still smile come out?
"Boy.Isn't that I lure you.Is that you follow me.Be not?"The jangle says.
Definite this man has never shown a body to lead in the leaf autumn in front.Didn't even speak to mutually arouse.Just because of biting a soul ring early warning.Ye Qiu felt a crisis.So just make track for on one's own initiative.
He says so that also having no isn't satisfactory.
".It really is so.That is ashamed.`Rao elder generation.I leave now."Ye Qiu says.Do an appearance that wants to walk
"Do not think that."Conceal of dark of inside of the man suddenly make a noise to say."Give me the Yin machine on your body."
"Yin machine?What Yin machine?"The autumn of the leaf intentionally sets up for the appearance that a face dazes to ask a way.He really doesn't know that what Yin machine is but he can probably guess.Probably hand up the ring wearing has the another a the that he doesn't know.
"Boy.Are you testing my patience?You behave pole sun.The Yin dint on the body but thus prosperous.Prove there is definitely a treasure machine that can absorb the dint of Na Yin on your body.Know.Or the darling hand in for like.Such as if otherwise----I didn't mind to kill you first.Then oneself find out it."Man's tone is cold and damp to scathingly say.
The autumn of the leaf shook to shake head.Say:"The thing that I really don't know that you say is what.BE not clear either what to be called the Yin machine treasure machine.Now that I just by accident rush to come over took leave to bother."
Ye Qiu finishes saying.Turn round and then walk.Basically have no to the slightest stop over.
"Seek dead."The opponent sneers at a hoot way:"|Son.You think to have no that Yin machine.You can discover, of movements?I intentionally leave one silk Yin spirit.Is also lure you to come for the sake of the convenience just.See.You had to pretend ignorance exactly.That doesn't blame me.Old man's house also really didn't begin for a long time-----The taste of blood-~-how sweet and tasty."
The autumn of the leaf sharply feels.His body for him to speak"the taste of blood" this sentence then starts moving.The voice also changes dimly discerniblely.
But say the time of till the last a few words .He has already ownly and after death arrived.
It is carrying on the back to toward him an onward leaf autumn to suddenly turn round.Treads body tiny Gong.The list hand returns to Liao.
The ray of light in silver white gleams but.Being rapid and malicious hot to imitate a Buddha has to mow to break a space sort.The rain water in a red sprays but.
That shadow of human figure in white screams 1.Rush toward the last body and quickly stay back.But leaf the autumn have already asked for help of time of that shot.Pulled body to completely come back.The person resumed face to face status again now.
The autumn of the leaf also finally saw of opponent.
Body emaciation's imitating a burst of breezes of Buddhas can blow to run.The facial expression pallor has no one silk blood-red color.The whole face is to do liposuction surgical operation.In addition to bone.Flesh.The lips are black purple.The eye pupil wax is yellow.The nose falls downward.Is like a person for people's felling clay-cold again from of next climb behind generally.
This person is east to dress up although the Chinese spoken very not standard leaf the autumn still affirm that he is a China a person.This kind of reality makes him very uncomfortable.He even hopes this person is a person or Korean Japan.

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