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The autumn of the leaf shook to shake head.Say:"There is no Yin machine.Having can't gives you, either.The weapon is on me.The words of wanting take to still have me to know by himself/herself you can't Rao I am deathless.This kind of words you have no little say in those innocent seedling people's in fronts?I force also order son banker chase type.My Jing blood to be the your promoting to even have an advantage?Will you give up to make me leave?"
It is the astounded facial expression to eventually have a facial expression on the face of the thunder mountain blood ghost that.His Huang Liu Liu 's eye pupil son in face of leaf autumn up turned a.And then the quack Ga smiled.Say:"It is quite good.It is very good.Unexpectedly come to a rightness old ghosts to know that the root knew the guy of bottom.Trip to Hong Kong's returning is really not and falsely this time.Little devil.Who are you exactly?"
"Whom didn't I relate to with you with.I just don't like drive at bottom behind follow.So.You hereafter don't again at me nearby sway leisurely.
"The leaf autumn Song shrugs shoulders Bang to say.
"See to we talk the Long was not."
Ye Qiu knows that he is launching to attackstone again.Again and with bate breath concentrate.All mentalities put on him.Say:"Yes.If my F would not like to leave.That can stay you."
Is quick of be like have no shadow generally.Leaf autumn can catch the breeze blows of direction.
The person is while assaulting forward.Then he how of thin small win weak.Will move a current of air.Disturb the thin and diluted degree of air stability balance.
These.Then only top Gao can catch.Is also a superior to definitely the key for hurting.
Toward the direction of breeze.Leaf again sharp weapon sheath!
The spring breeze kisses noodles, Ma Ta Chun's mire!
See one person of leaf for autumn a ride the view of running a he or she outside, west shallow language in the door says to the elder brother:"Elder brother, the leaf autumn isn't what matter?How to run so far?I go over and have a look."
The west door pours toward the east is don't worry too much leaf for autumn of safety, passing the data that he collects can see, with the artistic skill of this guy, not humiliate other people Be getting more quite good, which meeting can someone humiliate him?
Now that the younger sister put forward, he can't keeps younger sister from going over and having a look, either.It anyway are also a dozen of horses to go over and have a look, should can't have what problem.Nod to say:"Like, you see.Hading better not run is far."
West shallow language in the door at west the Jiao of household in the door spoil degree than west the door still have to be more very some to the east, and her temperament is originally wild.She was to beat hello with elder brother just, didn't don't want to listen to the meaning of his opinion.
Hear the west's door has no objection to to the east, west shallow language in the door is one Yang horsewhip, and that horse that sit down then and quickly rushes.
West shallow language in the door had been running till to herd Ma Chang's boundary, didn't also see a leaf for autumn of shadow of human figure.It is just and leisurely and carefreely the horse that sees arrive just the leaf autumn riding to pour to eat grass in the part.Host not at, it can also steal meeting son Be getting more lazy.
"Is strange, the leaf autumn is run where go to?"West shallow language in the door jumps down a horse and uses beautiful riding boots to very heavily kick to beat the wire palisades of Ma Chang's boundary.
"Horse still just, the person had no.Turn over to go out?Without cause of run to go out to do what?What matter can't the meeting meet?"
West shallow language in the door thought of this possibility, the in the mind is also some worried.The autumn of the leaf is the guest of his/her own west house in the door, if he what matter, west house in the door but have to be responsible.
And.It is he or she to suggest to wager Ma Di Ren.Suggest to ride Ma Di Ren is also he or she.If the leaf autumn has what misfortune ground.That isn't oneself ground fault?
West shallow language in the door originally wants to make a phone call to the elder brother.Let him send a person to come over to look for a leaf for autumn.But this just now.Just changed horse race to pack for a ground of time.Changed down on lichen of body.The ground in the pocket cellular phone also handed over a bodyguard hand inside.
Too late wait elder brother to come over again.And.Also not necessarily so the elder brother will run to arrive so far a place.

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